The Eagle at Grosvenor Square

The political officer of the American Embassy in Paris, France, Steve Hallcroft, is suddenly transferred to our embassy located in the posh Mayfair London area of Grovsenor Square, before that embassy is moved to Battersea on the other side of the Thames. Unfortunately, Steve's girlfriend in France, Penny, an American newspaper reporter is not, but he meets a new lady friend, Bronwyn, born in Wales, who works at the embassy and they become close. Bronwyn's roommate was Muslim, named Amira, whose former boyfriend turns out to be a terrorist, Abbas, who harasses Browyn. He also wants to be rid of the 35 foot America eagle above the American Embassy on Grosvenor Square. He and his friends devote themselves to a terrifying attempt to destroy the eagle and the embassy.

   Hardcover 978-1984514066
   Softcover 978-1984514073
   Kindle ASIN: B07BMNRC1C

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Map of locations of some significant places mentioned in the book.

Details at bottom of map.

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1- U.S. Embassies,   2- Lansdowne Club,   3- The Regents Park,

4- University College London Hospital,   5- Camden Market,

6- London Central Mosque,   7- Saint Pancras Station.

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