Fenantyl, Earthquakes, and Ukraine

In earthquake prone Oakland, California, two FBI agents along with two DEA agents are sent to investigate and destroy illegal fentanyl drugs from China arriving on Cargo ships. There are several shootouts with several Chinese ships and in one terrible fight beautiful and courageous Tanya, of Ukrainian heritage,is wounded..When she is visited in hospital by her fellow agents she tells them of the horrific fight her family in Ukraine have been having against Russian aggression. When she recovers there is a celebration by her and the agents who pray that both the danger of fentanyl abuse and Russian genocide will end.

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   Hardcover: ISBN-13 979-8802531457

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Oakland, California

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A. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Oakland office
B. Marriott Hotel

C. Typical East Bay shipping dock
D. 3 MINUTE VIDEO of 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake [preceded by ad]
E. Jack London Square
F. See photo below for view of San Francisco docks looking east toward Bay Bridge and Oakland.
G. Alameda Naval Air Station Museum
H. USS Hornet (CV-12) on board museum

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