Fentanyl, Earthquakes, and Ukraine

Two FBI agents and Two DEA agents in earthquake prone Oakland, California investigate and seek to apprehend illegal fentanyl and other drugs from Chinese cargo ships arriving in the Bay Area. There are several horrific encounters with various alien crews on these ships. In one shootout a beautiful and courageous DEA agent named Tanya, of Ukrainian heritage, is wounded,.When in hospital she is visited by the agents who find out from her the terrible war Russia has unleashed on her country and her family. .When she recovers there is a celebration where the agents and Tanya pray that the scourge of illegal drugs like fentanyl and the terrible Russian genocide end.

   Hardcover; ISBN-13 979-8802531457
   eBook;       ASIN       B09XN6L2DH

Read the table of contents and extracts from Chapters 1 and 2 ("Look Inside") HERE.

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