ISIS in the City

Those of us who have lived in big cities can imagine the danger presented by radical Islamic terrorists, but suppose at the last New York City Thanksgiving Day parade, the ISIS members in this book had terrorized bystanders. Would it have been such a fun day or a very tragic one? In this book, the heroine, Fatima, is attacked in Central Park only by a Frisbee that narrowly misses her, but as it whizzed by her head, she has visions of it being a true gun hit and of being horribly hurt as in her past. Indeed, that Frisbee leads to suspicious activity, which she will have to confront along with her fiancÚ, Charles, and her two hosts Ted and Sherry who live in Manhattan on East Seventy-Second Street. The terrorists, however, are after bigger game than one lone woman. They are after the very heart of the city today after its prior attack on 9/11.

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   Hardcover 978-1-5245-7318-8
   Softcover 978-1-5245-7317-1
   eBook 978-1-5245-7316-4

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