Naples, Florida, COVID-19 Terror Tale

This book concerns an Iranian terror attack against the paradise city of Naples on the west coast of Florida to revenge the American-caused death of General Qassim Soleimani, Iran’s primary leader of violence at the time. Four vacationing Americans—two from New York City, a married couple: Ted Edmunds, an FBI agent, and his wife Sherry, NYC 19th Precinct lieutenant; and two friends from the American embassy in London: Steve Hallcroft and his Welsh fiancée and secretary, Bronwyn Esther Morgan—are invited to enjoy a vacation in Naples. But they are interrupted by the local sheriff’s office to help him stop terrorism, and they do so, with the complication of the horrid COVID-19 pandemic. They are soon head over heels in a tough assignment rather than a vacation, and it leaves its mark on them.

   E-Book: ISBN 9781984588371
   Kindle ASIN: B08G4R7NGQ
   Hardcover: ISBN-13 978-1984588364 ISBN-10 1984588362
   Paperback: ISBN-13 978-1984588357 ISBN-10 1984588354

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